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    August 28, 2010


    > Question for the Docs:
    > I am very highly depressed! Can’t run my business. Please
    > Where do I start! Please Can u help!

    If you are extremely depressed, then I would urge you to seek out assistance from either your family physician or the local mental health center with qualified psychiatrists/therapists. There are many antidepressant medications available if your level of depression is quite severe to give you relief so that you may concentrate and be able to focus to use integrative techniques and tools as well.
    It sounds like you would perhaps benefit from a combination of approaches once your depression is at a manageable level and you are able to function well enough to deal with your business and other daily activities.

    Medication tends to act quickly to within 3 days to 2 weeks depending again on the individual, types of stressors, the medication used, and the severity of the depression. Psychotherapy can also be quite helpful to address acute stressors and to focus on changing patterns of behavior. If you are suicidal or have other thoughts of harming your self and feel you are having difficulty controlling the impulse to harm your self, then a brief hospital stay can assure your safety while such treatment begins to take effect.

    Once the mood is a bit more stable, then the tools and techniques that we use in our books and seminars can be quite useful to assist in transforming the obstacles on your path that may have assisted with creating your current situation. Exercise, diet/nutritional supplement, yoga/tai chi, meditation, and energy medicine techniques (including energy psychology) has also been very helpful to many people.

    Once again, since you state that you are very depressed to the point of dysfunction, I would urge you to seek help from a qualified medical or mental health professional as soon as possible. That is where I suggest you start. Let a friend, family member or clergy know how you are feeling so that they may be supportive of you during this period. Know that we are never alone- all we need do is ask for assistance. When we are in the pit of the darkness of depression, it can be hard to know that the Light will be there once again. Once your perception shifts you will become aware of the Light that is there for you on a daily basis.

    Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
    Sending you Loads of Love and Light,
    The Shift Doctors

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