Qigong Emotional Release More Rapid Than EFT?

“The Shift Doctors” (Tracy Latz, M.D., M.S. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) have presented the “Qigong Emotional Release” to therapists at the 2013 15th International Energy Psychology Conference in Reston, VA, the 2012 14th International Energy Psychology Conference in San Diego, CA, and to the Charlotte, NC local program unit of the National Association of Social Workers in 2012. At each presentation by Dr.’s Latz & Ross clinical social workers, psychologists, nurses and physicians are amazed at how rapidly the Qigong Emotional Release can work.
When asked where the technique originated, “The Shift Doctors” state “We learned the technique


‘Weird or What?’: Shift Doctor Tracy Latz, A Painting & Interdimensional Portals

What do “The Shift Doctors“, spooky paintings, and inter-dimensional portals have in common? They are all appearing on an episode of “William Shatner’s ‘Weird or What?’” television show filmed in December 2011 and airing this week (July 9th & 10th, 2012). The episode is titled ‘Ghosts in the Machine‘ and airs on History Television. Shows of the season air on a delayed schedule on The National Geographic Channel.
Tracy Latz, M.D., M.S., Mh.D. was interviewed on the topic of inter-dimensional portals, their creation and use. Due to time constraints only a small portion was able to be a part of


Sedona Vortex – What is It? Randy Fridley with the Shift Doctors

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) recently took a trip to Sedona to experience the famed energy vortexes – and boy could we feel it!! Our guide on our journey was our friend Randy Fridley who moved to Sedona after experiencing for himself the healing energies of the Sedona vortexes. To read more about his personal story see our earlier post ‘Sedona Cure by Randy Fridley’.
What is a Vortex?
A vortex is a motion of spiraling energy. Sedona has been described as a spiritual power center because of the vortexes of subtle energy coming


How To Recognize the 7 Energy Zappers In Your Life

The Shift Doctors (Marion Ross, Ph.D. & Tracy Latz, M.D.) take questions on various integrative medicine and metaphysical topics. We recently received an inquiry asking: “How we can recognize the ‘Energy Zappers’ in our lives?”
One thing Energy Zappers have in common: if you participate they have you at ‘Hello’. Just think of the phone ringing and the man on the other end asking “Is the lady of the house in?” and you answer “Why?” and he responds by saying “Well, please don’t hang up but I am from the Fraternal Order of Police and”… you know if you stay on


Creating Your Own Shift in 2012


2012: Creating Your Own Shift, summarizes THE BEST insights of thirty-seven of the world’s most authoritative sources.  It provides readers with a vast cross-section of information and perspectives on this initiation into a divinely ordained, new beginning for our world!
The authors of this prophetic anthology explain what’s happening around us today and what “ascension” is all about.  Each chapter adds dimension, reassurance and excitement about this exciting transition.
“The Mayans saw that the next great advancement was going to be when the entire world would shift into a higher dimension. This is what they saw happening in

Woman’s Day – Your Guide To Alternative Medicine

‘Alleviating depression associated with illness. Meditation also has a powerful effect on the mind: Researchers at the University of Louisville found that it helped relieve symptoms of depression in women with fibromyalgia. Tracy Latz, MD, a psychiatrist in Mooresville, North Carolina, teaches patients to meditate as part of treatment for a variety of conditions. “It can give patients an inner peace that helps diminish the feelings of isolation and abandonment that are so intense with depression and other mental health issues,” she says.’