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Shift Your Life® Mystery School

Have you ever wanted to delve into the Ancient Mysteries or mystical teachings yet felt you didn’t have the time or financial resources to be able to travel to study for weeks at an official Ancient Mystery School? Shift Doctors Tracy Latz and Marion Ross both obtained their Doctorates in Metaphysics at Delphi University, a wonderful Ancient Mystery School in McCaysville, Georgia. We recommend their classes whole-heartedly to people who desire intensive study in a protected retreat setting away from their busy home or work environment! We believe in these current times that is important for as many people as


Entura Art & Shift Your Life® Mystery School Classes a BIG HIT at SHIFT Charlotte 2015!

The above Entura art was drawn immediately following the Friday night demonstration at SHIFT Charlotte 2015 when “Shift Doctor” Tracy Latz asked “Who will be assisting us with our new Shift Your Life® Mystery School classes starting back up in a few weeks?” Wow!!
The Shift Your Life® team was busy all day Saturday during SHIFT Charlotte 2015 with people following up with “Shift Doctor” Marion Ross about her Qigong and Energy Medicine rapid tools for transformation that she had demonstrated to participants the previous evening.
There was much excitement as well about the new Mystery School classes, Shift Your


Astrological Timing to Shift Your Life – Moon Magic for February 2015

While saying “Rabbits! Rabbits! Rabbits!” this morning as I listened to the howler monkeys that had awakened me from my slumber in Costa Rica where I was studying with my Qigong Master  Robert Peng, I heard Steve Nelson “Mythic Astrologer“ urging me to pay attention – “It’s time! Get working on the Moon Magic post!” So here it is!
The astrology of February features Mercury,  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and  Pluto. The month starts with Mercury in its three-week retrograde that lasts until Feb. 11th. The result of the above planetary influence has created a powerfully introspective time for


Astrological Timing to Shift Your Life – Moon Magic for January 2015

I was recently poring over more than 500 pages of information Steve Nelson (“Mythic Astrologer” and Wizard) had shared with me over the years of our friendship and wishing he was still here with us to share his Moon Magic wisdom. I have missed him a great deal. As I sat down with all of his information once again this past week, I felt a palpable nudge from him telling me to carry on. I began to make a list of all the books he had referenced to me over the years and that I had made notes of… and


Tribute to Steve Nelson’s Moon Magic, Wisdom and Celebration at Winter Solstice

There is a palpable void in Charlotte, NC since the physical loss of our dear friend, Mythic Astrologer and guest blogger Steve Nelson.That being said… there is also an energetic fire created by Steve’s transition to the spiritual realm. Those of us close to Steve have sensed his presence in a more intense way in meditations of late. He was a bright Light in our community. a celebrationist extraordinaire with an uncanny ability to weave myths and spirituality together from all cultures – and he continues to leave a trail of Light for others to follow if you take a