The Mighty Oak – Nature’s Forgotten Food

Wild Wanderings With Guest Blogger Richard Cleveland 
The Shift Doctors (TracyLatz M.D. & Marion Ross  PhD.) have had the opportunity to take a wonderful Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant course in the mountains of North Carolina with Richard Cleveland, the Founder of The Earth School. During the past 20 years Richard has taught nature awareness and survival skills to thousands of people of all ages. He is an avid outdoorsman, fishing guide, writer, public speaker and a self-trained Naturalist. Some have called him “The Upstate’s Survivorman.” He teaches children as well as Navy Seals nature awareness and  advanced wilderness self-reliance

Shift Mystery School

Shift Your Life® Mystery School

Have you ever wanted to delve into the Ancient Mysteries or mystical teachings yet felt you didn’t have the time or financial resources to be able to travel to study for weeks at an official Ancient Mystery School? Shift Doctors Tracy Latz and Marion Ross both obtained their Doctorates in Metaphysics at Delphi University, a wonderful Ancient Mystery School in McCaysville, Georgia. We recommend their classes whole-heartedly to people who desire intensive study in a protected retreat setting away from their busy home or work environment! We believe in these current times that is important for as many people as


Astrological Timing to Shift Your Life – Moon Magic for January 2015

I was recently poring over more than 500 pages of information Steve Nelson (“Mythic Astrologer” and Wizard) had shared with me over the years of our friendship and wishing he was still here with us to share his Moon Magic wisdom. I have missed him a great deal. As I sat down with all of his information once again this past week, I felt a palpable nudge from him telling me to carry on. I began to make a list of all the books he had referenced to me over the years and that I had made notes of… and


How to Choose a Metaphysical Teacher

So you are looking at the monthly events in your local community calendar and wondering who would be the most appropriate teacher for this metaphysical journey that you have embarked upon. Confusion reigns as the choices seem overwhelming and a number of questions run through your mind. “How do I pick the right teacher?”  “Will it be the one teaching the coolest, new course? The cheapest or the one that is the most expensive?” “Should I choose the teacher who looks worst dressed, best dressed, or most exotic in their photo?”
There are individuals, groups, cults and organizations teaching different


Wesak Full Moon in May: A Unique Time of Powerful Meditation and Enlightenment

The annual Taurus Wesak Full Moon in May (on May 21st in 2016 at 5:14pm exact in New York) heralds the Wesak Festival, a pinnacle of spiritual blessing in the world. There is an extraordinary inflow of life and of spiritual invigoration which serves to stimulate the aspiration of all humankind. The intuition of all who seek to serve the good, the beautiful and the true (regardless of their faith, religious or spiritual background) is significantly enhanced by this spiritual blessing.
At Wesak all people of goodwill can unite worldwide in a concentrated invocation to the Buddha, the Christ, and