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This Special Edition Heart Companion Pendant gives you additional powerful spiritual assistance to co- create with the Universe. It is wearable beauty with the power to transform your life. It is an advanced sacred geometric tool that opens your heart to Source, while grounding you to Mother Earth. These tools help you become more focused, peaceful and on target with your goals. The Heart Companion Pendant helps you connect with your soul, your higher guidance and raises your vibration.


You must experience this first Special Edition Heart Companion Pendant with 14 magnificent high quality faceted gems expressing a high vibrational energy for 2017. This pendant will also be specially charged in both our Chamber and the new Pleiadian Communication Portal. It is available with your choice of a Diamond or White Sapphire on the Starface.

Starface (left) In Center: Diamond or White Sapphire. Clockwise from top: Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Rhodolite Garnet, Demantoid Garnet, Citrine, Emerald.

Earthface (right) In Center: Tanzanite.  Clockwise from top: Aquamarine, Ruby, Peridot, Orange Sapphire, Chrome Diopside, Pink Garnet.  

For more information or to purchase click here: MORE INFO About Heart Companion Pendants

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