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Dr. Tracy Latz, M.D. and Dr. Marion Ross, Ph.D. (The Shift Doctors) are available for seminars and speaking engagements on the topics of integrative medicine, personal transformation, esoteric studies, spiritual growth, color and sound healing, energy medicine, emotional freedom technique, and sacred energy centers.

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Bedroom Reversing: Spiritual Practice of Mental Imagery

We are often asked by students, family, friends and patients how to find the truth of whom we really are. Our lives are so filled with ‘busy-ness’ and the importance of maintaining our facades or masks of how we wish others to perceive us that it’s difficult at times to see through the veil. The exercise of  Reversing  is an old Kabbalistic technique using mental imagery that allows us to become the observer of our daily actions and perceptions and to come to a better reflection of the truth of who we truly are. Reversing can become like your own personal Time Machine – as in H.G. Wells…. although not as scary.

What is Mental Imagery? Quite simply it’s the mind thinking in pictures – sort of like dreaming while you are awake. With the mental imagery exercise of ‘Reversing’, we can rid ourselves of negativity as we become the observers of our lucid dream and rewrite our old scripts with positive healthy ones.

Process of Reversing:

In a darkened room as you prepare for bed at night, lie down on your bed with your eyes closed. Get comfortable and take a few slow, deep breaths; see yourself totally relaxing deeper and deeper with each exhalation. Now review the events of the day in your imagination in reverse order event by event.

Begin with the last event of your day and relive it, then go to the preceding event of the day and relive that. Continue reliving events until the time when you woke up. Remember each event slowly and with as much attention to detail as you can, while at the same time correcting your behavior and attitude in situations which you found difficult. If you had a distressing talk with someone put yourself in their shoes and hear their voice and perspective coming out of your mouth and your words coming from their voice. This will help you experience what the other person was feeling. For example, if you had a fight with your family member or coworker, imagine the situation from their point of view or where what you said to them is now coming out of their mouths and what they said to you is coming out of your mouth. Would you change anything? Replay it how – now from a more enlightened, mindful perspective- you would choose to respond and see how it turns out. (more…)


The Power of Healing Sounds for Health and Balance

JandDThe “Shift Doctors” (Tracy Latz and Marion Ross) attended Jonathan Goldman’s 20th Anniversary Healing Sounds Intensive course at the beautiful Sunrise Ranch outside of Loveland, Colorado. Wow!! What an experience! Imagine 100 people actively, intentionally engaged in Sacred Sound to heal our selves and the planet. :)

Both Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman were heart-centered teachers – we recommend their course to anyone who wishes to delve more deeply into Healing Sound. We promised Jonathan and Andi Goldman that we would share the wealth of our collective knowledge and spread the ‘resonant word’ about the power of Sacred Sound as generated by the human voice to create harmony – in mind, body, spirit and for the world at large. As such, we will now be offering more than our previous Color and Sound Vibrational Healing seminars and classes.

Vibrational Sound Healing can enhance your health, emotional balance and overall wellness. The power of Healing Sound can energize and awaken our brains, boost our immune system, create a relaxed state of mind and body, heighten consciousness, rewire our nervous system, resonate our DNA and cellular structures, and create harmony among all beings. We have learned SO much from Jonathan as well as from our many years of metaphysical study, 20+ years of practical applications, and other formal sound healing training via Delphi University’s ancient mystery school, Fabien Maman’s Tama Do Academy, Robert Peng’s Qigong sound healing tradition, as well as many other energetic practices.

Our new courses will include:

  • Chakra Frequencies and Vowels as Mantras – using the vibration of your own voice to resonate and balance your chakras
  • Breathing, Humming, Laughter and Toning Exercises -learning breathing techniques along with healing vibrational laughter with intention to create joy and harmony in your body and life
  • Energetic Balancing with Tuning Forks, Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Bowls
  • The Power and Basics of Vocal Harmonics – learning how to create harmonics to open portals for vibrational healing and change
  • Sounding of the Divine Name – Jonathan Goldman has taught us how to call in the power of the angel of Sacred Sound and use ancient universal sacred vowels for healing prayer, meditation and transformation… to create “As Above, So Below“.

Shamael‘Shamael’ – Angel of Sacred Sound

The above picture is an Entura or Intuitive Art (drawn with eyes closed) of the energy of “Shamael” – Angel of Sacred Sound as intuited by Tracy Latz.

The picture to the left is an Entura or Intuitive Art drawn by Marion Ross of the resulting healing energies while working in Sacred Sound after calling upon “Shamael”.

P.S. We also teach both public and private classes in Entura Art :)

Dr.’s Ross & Latz both have their doctorates in holistic healing, metaphysics, complementary and alternative medicine. Dr. Latz is a cell biologist and board-certified psychiatrist. Dr. Ross is a Rohun doctorate and a transpersonal psychologist. Together they have written 3 books (one a #1 bestseller on Amazon), taught at national and international professional conferences, produced >70 YouTube instructional videos, meditation CD’s and instructional DVD’s. They are both certified in intuitive development, hypnotherapy, medical qigong, crystal healing, mind-body medicine, homeopathy and energy medicine from accredited programs. Visit or opt into their website at to read free articles, listen to free meditations and to receive updates on their classes or events. Contact “The Shift Doctors” at to have them teach or present to your conference, private gathering or group.


Heart Companion Pendants to Open Your Heart

heart-companions-highlight-gold-1This Special Edition Heart Companion gives you additional powerful spiritual assistance to co- create with the Universe. It is wearable beauty with the power to transform your life. It is an advanced sacred geometric tool that opens your heart to Source, while grounding you to Mother Earth.

You must experience this first Special Edition Heart Companion Pendant with 14 magnificent high quality faceted gems expressing a high vibrational energy for 2015. This pendant will also be specially charged in both our Chamber and the new Pleiadian Communication Portal. It is available with your choice of a Diamond or White Sapphire on the Starface.

Starface (left) In Center: Diamond or White Sapphire. Clockwise from top: Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Rhodolite Garnet, Demantoid Garnet, Citrine, Emerald.

Earthface (right) In Center: Tanzanite.  Clockwise from top: Aquamarine, Ruby, Peridot, Orange Sapphire, Chrome Diopside, Pink Garnet.  

For more information or to purchase click here: MORE INFO About Heart Companion Pendants

Dr.’s Ross & Latz love to search the world for transformation tools to Shift Your Life. They both have doctorates in holistic healing, metaphysics, complementary and alternative medicine.  Together they have written 3 books, taught at national and international professional conferences, produced >70 YouTube instructional videos, meditation CD’s and instructional DVD’s.  Visit or opt into their website at to read free articles, listen to free meditations and to receive updates on their classes or events. Contact “The Shift Doctors” at to have them teach or present to your conference, private gathering or group.

Structured Healthy Water: What’s in Your Faucet?


We first met Ralph Suddath  inventor and CEO of Vortronix, when he was making a presentation about: how and why water is a major contributor to the state of our health and what we are drinking out of the tap. He was giving his personal solutions to one of the most dire problems we face at present on our planet. This presentation was at the Tesla Extraordinary Technology Conference in New Mexico. After his presentation was completed, he was swarmed by some of the finest scientists in the country – all rushing to buy his water units before they sold out. We were lucky to get a few for ourselves and have both been using his technology for almost a year with wonderful results.



Structured Healthy Water: What’s in Your Faucet?

by The Shift Doctors and Ralph Suddath

Do you feel more vibrant when you are allowed freedom of movement or when you are herded in a long queue in the TSA security line at the airport, moving in stops and starts?

Just like humans, water loses its zest and vitality when it stagnates. It needs to flow and naturally spiral to remain vibrant. Imagine water flowing down rocks and sediment as it travels down a mountain stream. Faced with a rock in its path, the forward motion may be hindered, but it finds a way to just swirl around it, forming a spiral. This is one of the ways that nature gathers energy and life force. Water moving from the top of a mountain to the bottom becomes energized, vitalized and alive. Water has a unique molecular structure when moved through the spin of a spiraling vortex. Such vortices cause their molecules to become organized into their most energy efficient geometry- that of a living crystal in hexagonal form. Crystalline water is really in an interconnected OH4 tetrahedron form – resembling the form of quartz crystal which is a network of interconnected SiO4 tetrahedron.

If, however, water is confined and forced through straight pipes (such as water pipelines or sewer lines in our big cities), it loses energy as well as its natural vibrant frequency or structure. It is the frequency or structure of healthy water that assists our own cells to remain healthy and infused with vitality when we ingest it. (more…)


The Mighty Oak – Nature’s Forgotten Food

Richard-300x169Wild Wanderings With Guest Blogger Richard Cleveland 

The Shift Doctors (TracyLatz M.D. & Marion Ross  PhD.) have had the opportunity to take a wonderful Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant course in the mountains of North Carolina with Richard Cleveland, the Founder of The Earth School. During the past 20 years Richard has taught nature awareness and survival skills to thousands of people of all ages. He is an avid outdoorsman, fishing guide, writer, public speaker and a self-trained Naturalist. Some have called him “The Upstate’s Survivorman.” He teaches children as well as Navy Seals nature awareness and  advanced wilderness self-reliance skills.

The Mighty Oak – Nature’s Forgotten Food

By Richard Cleveland

Most of us can identify oak trees and probably climbed a few in our younger years. I have fond memories of these majestic giants growing near my home as a child. Many people utilize its dense wood for winter warmth, but what about its other attributes? From a health point of view, oaks are a powerhouse of nutrition. In my opinion acorns are one of the most abundant and nutritious foods on the planet and yet are completely ignored by well over 95% of the masses. I’ve even heard people complain because they mess up their driveway. It’s FREE FOOD people!! The Native Americans relied on them pretty heavily in the western states all the way to the coast. In fact many of the Californian tribes depended on them for their very survival. Many of the eastern tribes, like the Cherokee, ignored them for the most part simply because of the abundant and once prolific American Chestnut. For those that don’t know the story, the American Chestnut was decimated by a blight that came into this country via China. All that remains of these once magnificent trees are large rotted stumps. It was stated that at one time, one out of every 4 trees in the Southern Appalachian Mountains was an American Chestnut! That was a lot of food that once fed a large number of people and animals…now sadly gone. The good news is numerous dedicated individuals have been working for years to re-introduce them and are making great progress. Future generations may again experience and revere this magnificent tree and partake of its generous abundance. :)

Why were they preferred over acorns, you might ask? Simply…processing time. Acorns contain tannins that need to be leached out of the nuts to make them palatable. Oak is quite astringent so it is useful medicinally as well. The genus Quercus (oak) contains about 600 species worldwide. We have around 60 here in the United States. All oaks fall into one of two categories…the white oak family and the red oak family. The white oaks typically contain less tannins than their red oak cousins and therefore require less processing as a whole. Interestingly, the Native peoples of California prized the red oaks. Their high tannin content would deter insects and hungry rodents more efficiently, allowing them to be stored for longer periods of time…often a few years. This was very important to their existence because a plentiful mast crop wasn’t guaranteed each year. A great book I highly recommend is “It Will Live Forever” by Beverly R. Ortiz. The book features Julia Parker of the Yosemite Miwok/Paiute lineage. I had the profound pleasure of meeting Julia and her daughter Lucy several years ago. I was honored to assist them in demonstrating the process of their traditional acorn preparation in front of a crowd of about 180 people. The finished product was simply called “acorn,” a pinkish paste with a mild but powerfully energetic taste.

IMG_0178I collect acorns each year and freeze them for various programs. Typically, during a class we process them into flour to make bread. Leaching the tannins from the acorns can be accomplished in two ways…cold water leaching or hot water leaching. The cold water method is best if you have access to a clean stream or creek and plenty of time on your hands. After removing the shell, the nut is broken into small chunks to help facilitate quicker leaching. It’s all about surface area folks! Crushed ice cools drinks quicker than cubes for the same reason. Place the small pieces in a fine meshed bag and simply tie it to a tree in the current and let Nature take its course. Test the nuts every day or so until they taste good. Use them like they are or dry them and store for later use. I’ve even heard of people leaching them in their toilet tank for a few weeks. Flush, flush , flush :) Remember your tank is filled with clean water so it’s not necessarily the image you just conjured up in your mind :) HA! With that said, I’ve never tried it, but if I did I’d probably clean the tank real good first….’jus sayin’ :)

The hot water method is what I normally do, simply for time constraints. After breaking the nuts into small pieces with a rock (yes, I use a rock :)  ), I place them in hot water and boil them for several minutes. When the water gets frothy and/or dark orange, I strain the nutmeats (more…)


Nine Insights Into Sound Healing

Jonathan Goldman, today’s guest blogger, is a writer, musician, teacher, and good friend of “The Shift Doctors” (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.. He is an authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. Jonathan is the author of The Divine Name: The Sound That Can Change the World, The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing, Healing Sound: The Power Of Harmonics (Inner Traditions), Shifting Frequencies (Light Technology) The Lost Chord (Spirit Music) and Tantra Of Sound(Hampton Road), written with his wife Andi.

Jonathan has written numerous articles on the therapeutic and transformational uses of sound and music, which have appeared in many national publications. He has also contributed chapters and interviews to many books and his work has been cited in several books. The McGraw-Hill college text, Music In Our World, has a chapter on Jonathan’s recording of  “Dolphin Dreams“. In DaVinci Decoded, Jonathan’s CD “Chakra Chants” (one of The Shift Doctors’ favorite CDs that we recommend to our students) is listed as the #1 Selection for “Top Ten Spiritual Playlist”.

Nine Insights Into Sound Healing
by Jonathan Goldman

Sound and music have been used since ancient times for healing and transformation. Yet there is today a growing re-emergence of interest in this field of sound healing with many different thoughts and ideas about the effects of sonics and their use as a transformative energy. Many of the major questions about sound healing are still unanswered. The following thoughts are just my own and may not be based upon the reality of anyone else. They may, however, prove to be useful insights and considerations for others.

One: We are all unique vibratory beings.
To begin, we address the concept that the basic principle of sound healing is that everything is in a state of vibration, including our organs, bones, tissues, etc. If these parts of the body become imbalanced they may be healed through projecting the proper and correct frequencies back into the body. This works for imbalances and over-or-underactivity in the chakras and the energy fields.

I believe that this concept is correct. I merely question whether the various frequencies that have been tabulated by numerous scientists and sound healers as being the frequency for the liver, for example, or the root chakra, are correct. My reason for questioning this information is that first, usually none of these frequencies that have been tabulated agree with one another. The second is, do you really believe that you have the same vibratory rate as anyone else? (more…)

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I wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed experiencing the 12 Keys. I use them every day now, especially at tense moments or when I need answers, and they do come to me almost instantly. I further hope that the others walked away also feeling they too have gained so much insight and that they hold the key…. I hope one day you will offer classes for children.
The 12 Keys are working wonders.… I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to this.
Your class was really amazing! I have used it every day.
Thank you so much! I feel like I have a wonderful opportunity now to go and settle some stuff that has been left unsorted for many years… you are an incredible teacher, and I know that everyone today was pretty inspired by you. I’m sure you must have felt the positive energy you instilled into the group.
Going to your class was the best thing I could have done for me, as it unlocked a lot of doors… thank you so much.
‘So, since I started applying the keys to my life… MAN!!! So much has changed I can’t picture that person I was before. I have transformed my life, and now wake every morning with glee and gratitude, and a sense of profound well-being, despite the ongoing challenges that come my way. I feel enormously grounded, and satisfied with work, life, place, and trajectory. I started studying The 12 Keys while in a place of deep wound, and cumulative patterns that had led me to a place of tension, lack of comfort with myself and my direction, and a binding sadness. I felt stuck in Paris, in a job that was increasingly not nourishing, and far from my true place. In the last two years, I have paid off my home in the US, quit my job, moved back to home in New York State, wrapped up life in France, started a new company which is already flourishing, am building community and friendships and work in my home village in the mountains, have a new puppy, and deeply content NOT to be in a relationship for the time being, and feel that health, peace, and ability to really make things happen have all improved to a place that would have been unrecognizable two years ago. I no longer feel like a victim, I am fully responsible for my life in each moment, and I feel joy and sheer glee daily. Does that about sum it up?’
The lessons to be learned from this book are age old but reframed in ways that are easy to incorporate and appropriate to our lifestyle today. They ring true for me because of my experience with cancer patients who display a survivor personality, exceed expectations and more often survive when no one gives them any hope. Shifting and finding the right path, in order to survive, are what various myths and religions teach us. We are to find our way and not lose our lives by becoming what others want us to be. We must, however, have the courage to lose the life imposed upon us by others in order to save the life we desire to live; for women that means choosing to live their authentic life and not a role. It is easier to have coaches and guides to help you on the path to transformation and this book can do that for you.
I have personally experienced the work of Dr. Latz when I was asked to review her and Dr. Ross’ first book. Her material was fresh, innovative, and created results. It opened up a new area of treatment intervention that I had only limited exposure to in the past. I found it helpful, impactful, and informative, and I now apply her teachings in my practice. On a personal level, I find Dr. Latz to be insightful,intuitive,intelligent, and a pleasure to connect with.
Shift is a humble and yet accurate title for a jewel of a book that is filled with easy, genuine practices to support the reader to move into their highest potential of self-actualization. I personally and professionally now use a number of these exercises as daily practices. Whether you are a professional working with patients and clients, or a person interested in wonderful transformation, this book is a must have for your own self-care and for the well-being of those you care for. Dr. Tracy Latz and Dr. Marion Ross gives the reader easy to follow steps on how to change dark and heavy emotional states into physical and emotional lightness of being. They draw on their brilliant talent and training, elegantly sharing universal internal processes that either infringe on our well-being, or bring beautiful and profound liberation. It is a book I read over and over again, the subject matter is this rich. Thank-you Dr. Latz and Dr. Ross.