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The Shift Doctors are dedicated to assisting you with developing your spiritual gifts and abilities, and giving you the keys to healing body, mind and spirit as you Shift Your Life.

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I wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed experiencing the 12 Keys. I use them every day now, especially at tense moments or when I need answers, and they do come to me almost instantly. I further hope that the others walked away also feeling they too have gained so much insight and that they hold the key…. I hope one day you will offer classes for children.
The 12 Keys are working wonders.… I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to this.
Your class was really amazing! I have used it every day.
Thank you so much! I feel like I have a wonderful opportunity now to go and settle some stuff that has been left unsorted for many years… you are an incredible teacher, and I know that everyone today was pretty inspired by you. I’m sure you must have felt the positive energy you instilled into the group.
Going to your class was the best thing I could have done for me, as it unlocked a lot of doors… thank you so much.
‘So, since I started applying the keys to my life… MAN!!! So much has changed I can’t picture that person I was before. I have transformed my life, and now wake every morning with glee and gratitude, and a sense of profound well-being, despite the ongoing challenges that come my way. I feel enormously grounded, and satisfied with work, life, place, and trajectory. I started studying The 12 Keys while in a place of deep wound, and cumulative patterns that had led me to a place of tension, lack of comfort with myself and my direction, and a binding sadness. I felt stuck in Paris, in a job that was increasingly not nourishing, and far from my true place. In the last two years, I have paid off my home in the US, quit my job, moved back to home in New York State, wrapped up life in France, started a new company which is already flourishing, am building community and friendships and work in my home village in the mountains, have a new puppy, and deeply content NOT to be in a relationship for the time being, and feel that health, peace, and ability to really make things happen have all improved to a place that would have been unrecognizable two years ago. I no longer feel like a victim, I am fully responsible for my life in each moment, and I feel joy and sheer glee daily. Does that about sum it up?’
The lessons to be learned from this book are age old but reframed in ways that are easy to incorporate and appropriate to our lifestyle today. They ring true for me because of my experience with cancer patients who display a survivor personality, exceed expectations and more often survive when no one gives them any hope. Shifting and finding the right path, in order to survive, are what various myths and religions teach us. We are to find our way and not lose our lives by becoming what others want us to be. We must, however, have the courage to lose the life imposed upon us by others in order to save the life we desire to live; for women that means choosing to live their authentic life and not a role. It is easier to have coaches and guides to help you on the path to transformation and this book can do that for you.
I have personally experienced the work of Dr. Latz when I was asked to review her and Dr. Ross’ first book. Her material was fresh, innovative, and created results. It opened up a new area of treatment intervention that I had only limited exposure to in the past. I found it helpful, impactful, and informative, and I now apply her teachings in my practice. On a personal level, I find Dr. Latz to be insightful,intuitive,intelligent, and a pleasure to connect with.
Shift is a humble and yet accurate title for a jewel of a book that is filled with easy, genuine practices to support the reader to move into their highest potential of self-actualization. I personally and professionally now use a number of these exercises as daily practices. Whether you are a professional working with patients and clients, or a person interested in wonderful transformation, this book is a must have for your own self-care and for the well-being of those you care for. Dr. Tracy Latz and Dr. Marion Ross gives the reader easy to follow steps on how to change dark and heavy emotional states into physical and emotional lightness of being. They draw on their brilliant talent and training, elegantly sharing universal internal processes that either infringe on our well-being, or bring beautiful and profound liberation. It is a book I read over and over again, the subject matter is this rich. Thank-you Dr. Latz and Dr. Ross.

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    July 4, 2010

    Hi Marion,

    Congratulations on the new site! I saw the link on Facebook and am so intrigued by your work. What an important contribution you’re making to this planet.

    I’m the Director of Viva Institute, an organization based in Brasil. We run holistic retreats in a beautiful settings (I’ll send you the link on Facebook) and would love to talk to you about speaking here one day. Please send me a note at your earliest convenience.

    Love and light,
    Leigh Hopkins

    July 4, 2010

    Dear Leigh,
    On behalf of Tracy and I, we are delighted that you appreciate our new website. We will be posting a wide range of both physical and metaphysical tools to transform. We would be delighted to speak with you about setting up a Shift seminar or workshops on topics of your choice. You can peruse our site and see areas that we can readily address. We love assisting others with energetic as well as personal transformation whether that be physical, emotional, spiritual or on a consciousness level. We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to email us at
    Loads of Love and Light,
    The Shift Doctors (Marion & Tracy)

    July 24, 2010

    Quite interesting submit. Your current blog is rather quickly growing to be considered one of my favorites.

    March 18, 2011

    Thank you for putting this out! We need to reconnect with nature and with ourselves in order to heal.I haven’t looked around yet,but was wondering if you had anything on the Hopi tablets and prophecy??I’d love to help provide you with some information that I have gleaned;)

    April 5, 2011

    Dear Marrion and Tracy congatulations on a great site and thankyou for your connection keep up the good work Love and light dave <3

    Linda Land
    September 3, 2011

    If you ever do any seminars in Europe and specifically London please do let me know!

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