This is the 1st companion guided meditation CD for our book Shift:12 Keys to Shift Your Life. These are transformative meditations for healing issues of feeing unloved, inadequacy, powerlessness, guilt, shame, anger, resentment, heartbreak, loss of identity, lack of self-love, fear of the unknown and disconnection. The True Essence Meditation allows you to reconnect with who you TRULY are! Meditations are available for download now on i-Tunes as well!
This is the 2nd companion CD to our book SHIFT:12 Keys To Shift Your Life. These mindfulness meditations will get you in touch with your heart and your loving self as they assist you on your healing journey . The other exercises and meditations will help you balance each of your chakras using Color, Sound & Toning and lead you in an exercise to release those negative feelings that have kept you blocked. These meditations are available for download now on i-Tunes as well!

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