The SHIFT Demonstrated! Join us at Shift Charlotte 2014 on the Ides of March

  We have an experience for you at SHIFT Charlotte 2014!!!
Come join in the fun!!!!
Why did Shift Your Life® choose to be the sole event sponsor for SHIFT Charlotte 2014? On the Ides of March – a date (since the death of Julius Caesar) so cloaked in doom it eventually entered the lexicon as a metaphor for impending catastrophe?
We believe that 2014 will be the greatest opportunity for Shift-ing (personal, physical, emotional, business, spiritual, and global consciousness) that we have seen in decades. SHIFT Charlotte is the largest local Charlotte event (and largest in the region) dedicated

Hello world! Are you ready to Shift Your Life?

Tracy Latz, M.D. and Marion Ross, Ph.D. offer their wisdom, tools, humor and compassion to assist you with shifting the obstacles that have caused you to feel stuck or stymied in your relationship patterns, circumstances or life in general.  You CAN begin to create the life you truly desire to live.  Are you ready to experience more joy and love in your life?
Dr.s Latz and Ross teach seminars and classes based on their two books titled SHIFT: 12 Keys to Shift Your Life (available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com) and SHIFT: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation (scheduled to

Good Housekeeping – Staying Centered, Coping, Living Fully

‘Really want it. An effective affirmation can’t be half-hearted. “It needs to be a want, not a should,” says psychiatrist Tracy Latz, M.D., co-author of Shift: 12 Keys to Shift Your Life, who uses affirmations in her North Carolina practice. “Get in touch with your deepest self and discover what it is that you want with all your heart. Then affirm that. What matters is that you really desire it.”
Suspend disbelief. “You don’t have to believe that your affirmation is true right now, but you have to believe in the possibility of getting what you want,” says Dr. Latz.