Dealing With Divorce Over the Holidays – Do’s & Don’t’s


Divorce can be associated with feelings of loss, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, anxiety, loneliness and sense of abandonment – for both parents and children. Holidays can enhance those feelings when the usual holiday traditions are split between two households and time with the children is divided between co-parents in two separate homes. Remaining centered in…

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Thought For the Day


BE the love & respect, tolerance, patience & understanding you wish to have from others. Create your life from a space of love and compassion. Start by being kind to yourself and everyone on your path and observe how it feels. You just might want to make it a habit!


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De-Stress Tools from Heart Math Continued…


Today, I am posting two more tips from  the De-stress kit and a wonderful exercise (from out book Shift: A Woman’s Guide To Transformation ) to assist you in  getting into your heart for your own self. That is where true transformation takes place. Tip 1 – Practice appreciation and gratitude. A helpful exercise for…

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