Dealing With Divorce Over the Holidays – Do’s & Don’t’s

Divorce can be associated with feelings of loss, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, anxiety, loneliness and sense of abandonment – for both parents and children. Holidays can enhance those feelings when the usual holiday traditions are split between two households and time with the children is divided between co-parents in two separate homes. Remaining centered in your heart and compassionate mindful presence is the key to thriving over the holidays rather than merely surviving.
The Holidays After Divorce:
5 Things to Do:
1. Be sensitive to the fact that your children are looking forward to the holidays with you and also

Thought For the Day

BE the love & respect, tolerance, patience & understanding you wish to have from others. Create your life from a space of love and compassion. Start by being kind to yourself and everyone on your path and observe how it feels.
You just might want to make it a habit!

De-Stress Tools from Heart Math Continued…

Today, I am posting two more tips from  the De-stress kit and a wonderful exercise (from out book Shift: A Woman’s Guide To Transformation ) to assist you in  getting into your heart for your own self. That is where true transformation takes place.
Tip 1 – Practice appreciation and gratitude.
A helpful exercise for reducing stress and restoring emotional balance is to spend some time each day sending genuine feelings of appreciation to someone or something—be it children, family members, pets or others for whom you feel sincere appreciation. It’s important that the appreciation be heartfelt (not just