Consciousness and How it Affects DNA and Water


The Shift Doctors interview with Dr.Glen Rein at the Water Conference in Bulgaria discusses the consciousness of water and cells and the scientific effects of intention on cells. Dr. Tracy Latz questions Dr. Rein about the meaning of his research for humans and daily effects of our own consciousness on our cells.
Dr. Rein is a biochemist and expert researcher in subtle energy and consciousness . His research led to changes in the physical structure of water with EM fields, thus changing its physical properties and allowing for its application to produce novel, enhanced effects in products for


4 Intimate Love Connections: What Makes Love Strongest?

Why do some love relationships last for 40+ years while others fade quickly almost overnight or erode over a few years with blistering anger or resentment? I have had many people ask me over the years: “Why do many love relationships fail?” or “I feel so guilty about my marriage failing- especially when I think about the idea of ‘What God has brought together, let no man set asunder! Do you think God can forgive me?’” The answer lies in first examining the 4 levels of connectivity in human relationships.
People can experience ‘Love Connections’ on 4 different levels:


Tribute to Steve Nelson’s Moon Magic, Wisdom and Celebration at Winter Solstice

There is a palpable void in Charlotte, NC since the physical loss of our dear friend, Mythic Astrologer and guest blogger Steve Nelson.That being said… there is also an energetic fire created by Steve’s transition to the spiritual realm. Those of us close to Steve have sensed his presence in a more intense way in meditations of late. He was a bright Light in our community. a celebrationist extraordinaire with an uncanny ability to weave myths and spirituality together from all cultures – and he continues to leave a trail of Light for others to follow if you take a


Dealing With Divorce Over the Holidays – Do’s & Don’t’s

Divorce can be associated with feelings of loss, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, anxiety, loneliness and sense of abandonment – for both parents and children. Holidays can enhance those feelings when the usual holiday traditions are split between two households and time with the children is divided between co-parents in two separate homes. Remaining centered in your heart and compassionate mindful presence is the key to thriving over the holidays rather than merely surviving.
The Holidays After Divorce:
5 Things to Do:
1. Be sensitive to the fact that your children are looking forward to the holidays with you and also


Father’s Day, Imagination and The Power of Group Intention

Father’s Day is a day of celebration of our Fathers – or, if we did not have a great experience with our own father figures or male mentors, then it is a celebration of the concept of the Divine Male which we hold within each of us- expressed or unexpressed. Among the qualities of the Divine Male are Courage, Compassion, Strength, Honor, Integrity, Wisdom and Indomitable Spirit. When we come together on any specific day or any specific time to focus on and energize a concept, then we actually energize that quality within all human consciousness. In 2012 Father’s Day

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