4 Intimate Love Connections: What Makes Love Strongest?

Why do some love relationships last for 40+ years while others fade quickly almost overnight or erode over a few years with blistering anger or resentment? I have had many people ask me over the years: “Why do many love relationships fail?” or “I feel so guilty about my marriage failing- especially when I think about the idea of ‘What God has brought together, let no man set asunder! Do you think God can forgive me?’” The answer lies in first examining the 4 levels of connectivity in human relationships.
People can experience ‘Love Connections’ on 4 different levels:


Dealing With Divorce Over the Holidays – Do’s & Don’t’s

Divorce can be associated with feelings of loss, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, anxiety, loneliness and sense of abandonment – for both parents and children. Holidays can enhance those feelings when the usual holiday traditions are split between two households and time with the children is divided between co-parents in two separate homes. Remaining centered in your heart and compassionate mindful presence is the key to thriving over the holidays rather than merely surviving.
The Holidays After Divorce:
5 Things to Do:
1. Be sensitive to the fact that your children are looking forward to the holidays with you and also


Relocation Therapy: The Key to Moving on and Creating Your Self Anew?

Between dealing with jobs, congestion and the hassles that come with our lives, people sometimes want to get away and move somewhere else. For those who have experienced an existential crisis, relationship loss or a tragedy, however, this desire can become overwhelming. In recent years, psychologists have begun researching the psychological and neurological effects of relocating, and the findings show that it can be a viable form of therapy for some people in certain situations. Here are a few facts about relocation therapy and why it can be so effective.
Is relocation therapy different than moving?
In terms of