How to Remain Centered Over the Holidays

Holidays, even in the best of circumstances, can be stressful due to family, work, school, and cultural expectations and responsibilities. A daily practice can pave the way to keeping you compassionately connected to your self, others and whatever Higher Power you understand or recognize. A daily practice can also reduce stress or anxiety and keep you focused on your journey to shift and transform even in the midst of stressful holiday encounters.
In order to depersonalize the daily stress, negative emotions, and thoughts that we encounter daily, we need to have a regular routine that keeps us balanced in body,


10 Tips to Overcome Holiday Stress

1.    Set realistic expectations.
The greatest way to find disappointment in the holiday season is to set unrealistic expectations. If we focus on having a “perfect” holiday or on competing with the greatest holiday season in our memory, then we are indeed likely to be disappointed and overly stressed as we sense our dream rapidly going down the drain. Don’t be judgmental of the experience in advance or as it is occurring in the moment. If we expect the holidays to be dreadfully terrible, then they likely will be as we will only be able to see all that is


Family Reunion: How to Deal with Difficult Family

Family gatherings can create stress for many people for various reasons. Our family knows all of our buttons and we have had ingrained patterns of behaviors or dances that we do with our close family members.
How many of us leave family gatherings with parents and/or siblings saying something like: “I don’t know why I feel just like I did as a kid when I am with my family! I’m not a kid any more but we do the same dances we did back then!” It is so easy to have our “buttons” pushed when we are around people who