Cortitrol and Tools to Lower Cortisol / Stress Hormones

Are you stressed? Have you been under chronic on-going stress or have Post-Traumatic Stress or having acute stressful periods due to work, school or relationship issues? If you suffer from any of the above, you may have chronically elevated cortisol (“stress hormone”) levels (produced by the adrenal glands) which can eventually lead to adrenal fatigue syndrome.
Cortisol at proper levels in the body assists with proper glucose metabolism, regulation of blood pressure, release of insulin for blood sugar maintenance, normal immune function, and normal inflammatory response. Normally levels of cortisol are their highest in the morning and at their


Qigong Emotional Release More Rapid Than EFT?

“The Shift Doctors” (Tracy Latz, M.D., M.S. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) have presented the “Qigong Emotional Release” to therapists at the 2013 15th International Energy Psychology Conference in Reston, VA, the 2012 14th International Energy Psychology Conference in San Diego, CA, and to the Charlotte, NC local program unit of the National Association of Social Workers in 2012. At each presentation by Dr.’s Latz & Ross clinical social workers, psychologists, nurses and physicians are amazed at how rapidly the Qigong Emotional Release can work.
When asked where the technique originated, “The Shift Doctors” state “We learned the technique

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Would You Like One Shift or Two?

Whether you want to transform your Business or Shift Your Life, Health, Relationships, “The Shift Doctors” can assist with Giving You the Keys to Shift Your Life®!
1. Our latest book for Entrepreneurs is Entrepreneurial Alignment: How to Overcome Self-Sabotage in Business. If you opt into our website on our home page, you can get the introduction “Shift Beyond the Guru” and first chapter “1st Business Shift: How We Define Our Self and Our Core Values”. This book is a psychological primer for entrepreneurs who have either studied entrepreneurship, spent thousands of dollars on courses from business gurus,


Trinfinity 8 – An Amazing Tool To Shift Your Life, Mind & Body

Software with a Soul?
Trinity (body, mind, spirit) + Infinity = Trinfinity8

When the Shift Doctors first encountered the Trinfinity 8 at a conference in San Diego, we had to wait among throngs of excited people for a demonstration of a powerful new paradigm in subtle energy rejuvenation right across from our Shift Your Life exhibitor booth- Trinfinity8: Software with Soul. The buzz was that Trinfinity8’s (T8’s) advanced subtle energy technology and state-of-the-art programming could bring your body, mind, and spirit into greater alignment and balance; and stimulate your cellular function to a greater level of performance via a


Shifting Lives Through Earthing – A Psychiatrist’s Perspective

I love digging in the dirt and feeling my connection to the Earth.  I find walking barefoot in the grass to be a great stress reducer. As a young girl, I used to run around barefoot with my siblings during the warm summer days, and recall how free and wonderful it felt. My father, a rural doctor, would always yell at us about the danger of cutting our feet or stepping on a nail. We would just laugh it off and continue romping barefoot.
In my integrative psychiatric practice, I often recommend ‘Earthing’ to patients as part of an integrative approach to healing.  In


PTSD, Trauma & Depression

PTSD, Trauma & Depression by Tracy Latz, M.D.

Depression is a common problem that can occur following trauma. It involves feelings of sadness or low mood that last more than just a few days. Unlike a blue mood that comes and goes, depression lasts 2 or more weeks. Depression can get in the way of performing activities of daily life, make it hard to function and can cause you to lose your passion for living. It can affect eating and sleeping habits, ability to concentrate, and your confidence or self-esteem.
How commonly does depression follow trauma?
Depression affects